Wednesday, June 25, 2014

So Call Me Maybe

up, up, & away we go.. another day, another adventure. i am finally leaving the big apple & heading back to my homeland Los Angeles. besides the stress of traveling, i have the stress of moving on my mind. it is finally time that i say good bye to my little valley wonderland & hello to west hollywood!! i am excited to start somewhere fresh with my fiancĂ©. we get to create new memories, new traditions & create a beautiful home of our own. 

Beanie - Unif
Phone case - Mophie 
Top/Skirt - Motel
Socks - Disturbia 

Photographer - Bella Bronson 


  1. Congratulations in this new adventure of yours. I hope you two are happy for this and I really wish you guys unconditional love and and happiness in every moment of your lives. You two deserve the best and I'm sure you found it in each other. Lots of love and my best wishes. Xx

  2. LOVE the beanie, and the whole outfit. Good luck with the move! :)

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