Sunday, December 7, 2014

Just Us & The Open Road

Another day done.. Another week ahead.. Where the hell did the weekend go? I feel like I woke up & it was over! Yesterday I did a shoot for my friend Kerol's shoe/clothing line Kerol D. Apparel.. We shot in Lancaster, CA. Such a fun shoot! I love the desert background & how it was nothing but us with the open road. Kerol shot all the photos & Francesca Maldonado did hair/makeup.

Sometimes you just need a night in with yourself. Spending the night watching all my favorite Sunday shows, hanging with the pups at my moms house & heating up leftovers. Starting the week with a full beauty reboot. Nails in the morning & a facial in the afternoon. Feel like I have been neglecting myself & need a sexy boost! ha! 

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