Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

As we say goodbye to another year, we are full of excitement for the next one to begin. We go into the new year full of high hopes & big dreams. Wanting every year to be better than the last. We use our past as motivation for our future. Tonight we celebrate a fresh start. Decked out in your favorite party attire, glitter melting from the ceiling, champagne glasses overflowing... while the room is flooded with balloons. The clock strikes midnight, you kiss someone you love & then dance into the morning sun. Tonight we are celebrating New Years Eve in Minnesota. I can't wait to celebrate with the man I love. I am going to wear this beautiful black dress by For Love & Lemons with a pair of Fendi pumps. It's about 15 degrees outside, so you can guarantee I am going to be freezing. I hope everyone has an amazing New Year's full of love, laughter, dancing, happiness & of course... glitter!

Click below to see more photo's from my New Years themed shoot!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy holidays to all my lovely followers! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas/Hanukkah full of love + happiness. I spent my holiday in Minnesota with my boyfriend & his family... I love it here. There is nothing like a snowy white Christmas. It's funny being back in Minnesota, feeling a bit nostalgic. When I was 16 I flew out to Minnesota to do extensions on a girl I had met through MySpace. I don't know why I was allowed to travel alone so young, but I am so thankful my parents let me. Being in Minnesota let me experience a certain type of childhood I was longing for & I finally felt excepted for who I was. I made a lot of friends while I was out here & even met my boyfriend at a house party... Isn't life crazy? It took 10 years for me to see that the man of my dreams had been in my life all along. Life always brought us together & kept us connected. I am a big believer of fate & I believe that life kept us in each others life for a reason... Everything is about timing. As I say goodbye to 2015, I am full of excitement for 2016. This year has been a big one for me. I won the show House of DVF, got the boyfriend of my dreams, wrote my first book & moved into a beautiful home. I feel my life heading in a very positive direction & I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Check out more photo's from my shoot for the Japanese lounge wear company Priv. Spoons Club by clicking below!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Long hair & a fresh face. Today I am wearing the jumpsuit my boyfriend and I designed for our brand u +me.. This is the sample.. but our brand will launch soon! I am so in love with all the pieces we have created & I hope you will be too. I paired the jumpsuit with a necklace by Zacasha. All of their jewelry is handmade in Bali.. super gorgeous pieces.

Photographer - ModSun

x Hanna Beth 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Denim Darling

It's the weekend… which means lounging at the house in an oversized denim button down, walking around barefoot & enjoying the simplicity of Saturday. No worries of Monday, just embracing today. No over thinking. Roaming the canyon for an iced coffee. Lost in the hills. Everyone is friendly & says hello. Pink lips staining glass.. Dancing into the night stars.

Shirt + Hat by Jaw Breaking Clothing.. Shop HERE

x Hanna Beth

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Words to live by..

Get lost. Go adventure. Be free. Say hello. Smile. Roll your window down. Play the music louder. Turn phone off. Acknowledge the now, not my screen. Show my love through action. Learn something new. Don't care what they think. Who the fuck is "they" anyway? Turn negatives to positives. Be selfless. Be kind. Do something for someone with no expectations in return. No ego. No ego. No ego. Come from love. Treat the morning like a brand new start. Kiss him, love him. Worry less. Don't be so hard on myself. Love my skin. Love my flaws. Stop obsessing, start living.

Sober Is Sexy just launched a few new designs in time for the holidays! Check out how I styled a few of our new styles which are all available to purchase HERE
Besides the positive message, Sober Is Sexy also donates part of their sales to women in recovery from addiction. Click below to see more looks!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beauty Basics

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about my skin routine. I wanted to share my daily products & also a few of my favorite face masks. In the morning I start my beauty regime by washing my face with the Dr.Lancer blemish control cleanse. Then I use a collagen serum by Epicuren, followed by Origins under eye cream & the Epicuren face lotion. At night I start my regime with the Dr.Lancer Polish, followed by the Dr.Lancer blemish control cleanse. Next I use H10 serum from Dr.Lancer which helps reduce any pigmentation. Lastly, I put on Epiduo cream to help clear & prevent breakouts. If I have a bad cystic pimple I will use the Lancer Gel by Epicuren just on the pimple. My top three favorite face masks are GlamGlow super clearing mud mask, Lanocrème bee venom mask & the Peter Thomas Roth rose stem cell mask. I like using the GlamGlow if I am having a breakout or my skin is too oily. The bee venom is an amazing everyday mask, but I must warm you it burns! The bee venom is great for anti-aging & helping reduce pore size. The rose stem cell mask is great to use a few times a week. The mask is very refreshing & helps with redness or puffiness. It is another great anti-aging mask & it leaves your face glowing & feeling fresh. I included images + links to purchase all of the products below. Just click the "read more" link to see.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Euro Trip - Part Two

After two weeks of touring around Europe, we are finally home! Getting to travel around Europe was such a treat. The tour started in London, then went all over Germany & ended in Amsterdam. Out of all the places we visited, I must say Amsterdam was my favorite. Amsterdam is such an amazing city, it's the perfect mix of everything you need.. plus the food is delicious. There are so many highlights of this Europe adventure that it's hard to remember all of them.. From the fair in Hamburg, to hanging with Lemurs at the zoo… this will be a trip I never forget. Since we were away from home for almost a month because of the U.S. tour before Europe, it feels good to be back. There is nothing like falling asleep in your own bed. I'm very proud of my boyfriend. He seriously killed it at every show & had such an engaging audience. Check out all these photo's from our Euro trip taken by Dusty Kessler… just click on the "read more" link below.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Euro Trip

Hello my loves! I am sorry I haven't been updating as much as I usually do. Currently I am in Europe & charging my computer/finding wifi isn't always the easiest. Our Euro adventure started in one of my favorite cities, London. The first night we had an amazing dinner at Hawksmoore steak house, went to Abbey Road Studios & danced till 2 a.m. at some random club we found in East London. The next day was my boyfriends first show of the tour. The show was at the venue Borderline. The gig was absolutely fantastic! A couple even got engaged during soundcheck. Definitely a night we will never forget. Today we arrived in Munich, Germany. We are exhausted from the jet lag & are currently relaxing at our hotel. I am watching Home Improvement in German.. really wanting a pretzel.. ha ha! I will try to update more frequently + take lots of photos. If you live in Europe check out the Pink Lemonade tour dates & see if we are coming to a city near you! Click HERE to see my boyfriends tour dates.

Monday, November 2, 2015

House of DVF - Episode 8 Recap

Last night was the big finale of House of DVF season 2. I can't believe the season has already come to an end, but I look forward to my next journey with the DVF brand. On last nights episode we were presented with our final task, the luncheon. I took on the millennial/social media aspect of the lunch. I teamed up with my friend Christian Benner to show DVF someone who spoke to the millennial. I had Christian do a live painting at the lunch over a piece of DVF fabric & I also had him give his special touch to one of my DVF purses, sadly, that scene was cut, but I put a photo below! The bag turned out brilliant.. I was obsessed. Benner also let me use his store to shoot some young bloggers & musicians in styled DVF pieces. I was nervous about my presentation at the lunch because I hate public speaking, especially when I don't have something to read off & prepared. Stefani told me to be confident & to speak from my heart. Overall, the luncheon was a huge success for me, minus the bit of the photo being on perez that they had to take down. The following day, Diane has us meet her in her office so she could announce who the next brand ambassador would be. We were all waiting anxiously in her office as she got her final touches done for the met ball. Alli was the first to be let go.. As she talked about Cat, I felt like I had lost & that she was going to get picked. When Diane said she had decided to go with me I couldn't believe it, I was in shock. I felt like I was in a dream. Minutes after, Diane and I walked down to her car & we were off to the Met Ball.. I had just won brand ambassador & already I was on my way to a huge fashion event. I couldn't be more grateful for this experience & I can't wait to see where my next chapter with DVF takes me. Thank you to everyone who has shown me love & support during this experience.

x Hanna Beth

Thursday, October 29, 2015

House of DVF - Episode 7 Recap

We are now down to the final three, Alli, Cat & I. In this episode we are given the task to help dress some of the VIP's coming to the DVF awards. Alli & I end up getting stuck in an elevator while we are trying to set up. I completely lose it in the elevator. I become very shaken up & have a hard time letting go of it once we are released. For the first bit of the VIP dressing I am a complete space cadet. I also didn't want to overwhelm the people coming to get dressed. If it's just one client, do you really think she wants three girls bombarding her? Those situations make me feel awkward. I kept my space, but as a result Jessica pulled me aside & gave me some advice. She told me I need to be more aggressive & to really come out of my shell.. She also mentioned that I seemed like I was on another planet.. ha! Anyways, the talk definitely helped & I feel like I did a better job once more VIP's started coming in. That night I got to have some mom time since my mom was visiting me in NYC. It always makes me feel better when I get to hang with my mom because she always has the best advice for me. We decided to spend our night at a tattoo shop where my mom got a little cross on her arm. At the DVF awards we were all given tasks & my task was to interview some of the honoree's & guests. This was really my time to step out of my shell & show the DVF team what I was capable of. Jessica said I did an amazing job with my interviews.. even with my last minute Naomi Campbell one! I was definitely nervous because I didn't know I was going to get to interview her, but I remained calm & handled it like a professional. Once the show began I was given an assignment to take photos for the DVF social media. Overall, the DVF awards was a very good night for me & I was able to show the team that I can shine in those situations. The next day at work the team sat us down & made us talk about why we would be a better brand ambassador than the other girls. Obviously, this was awkward. We don't want to put each other down, but we also really want the job. We are still down to the final three & in the next episode the brand ambassador will be revealed. I still can't believe the season is already coming to an end, it went by so fast! Be sure to tune into the season finale to see what happens next & who will be the next DVF ambassador.

x Hanna Beth

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

As you may or may not know, I have been a fan of hair extensions for years! I always used the keratin bond individuals until now. I recently tried tape extensions & I am seriously in love. First off, it takes about an hour or less to put in, compared to keratin, which normally takes several hours. Removing the hair is super simple & non-damaging. Even though these extensions are easy, you still want to get a professional to apply/remove. The hair I am wearing now is from a brand called Glam Seamless. I have never wore tape extensions before, so I can't compare to other brands, but what I can say is that the quality of this hair is like nothing I have had before. I had to dye my extensions to get it the perfect shade to match my color, & the hair still feels like velvet. It's beyond soft & mixes perfectly with my actual hair. One of the issues I had with extensions in the past, was that the hair was ALWAYS shedding. My Glam Seamless extensions don'y shed at all.. They also don't pull on your hair & since it's tape, it's not uncomfortable when you go to sleep. I remember with the keratin bonds, for the first week or two sleeping would be such a pain because the bonds would hurt my head.

If you are interested in learning more about Glam Seamless & seeing all their products click HERE
They have wonderful & helpful customer service that will help answer any question you may have.

x Hanna Beth

Monday, October 26, 2015

Finally.. a bit of cold weather! It actually feels like fall now.. Today I was in Denver, CO. I am currently on the pink lemonade tour with my boyfriend. Tomorrow we have a day off & are traveling to Kansas. I love getting to see the U.S. & explore… BUT.. I can't wait for Europe! We head out that way November 8th. Germany… Paris.. London.. Switzerland.. it's going to be insane!

Get The Look:
Faux Fur Coat - Line & Dot
Plaid Clutch - Kent Stetson
Jumpsuit - Nasty Gal
Headband - Urban Outfitters 

x Hanna Beth

Thursday, October 22, 2015


The sun is down on a Thursday night. Tonight is the last night I will get to sleep in our bed for the next month. My boyfriend is getting ready to start his Pink Lemonade tour! I'm excited to join him for all the U.S. & Europe dates! Be sure to come out if the tour stops in your city.. Click HERE to see all the dates & purchase tickets. On Monday my friend Caroline & I headed down to San Fran to shoot with Dolls Kill for two days. Check out some photo's from the shoot & a few BTS ones below..

Sunday, October 18, 2015

House of DVF - Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 started with Leigh & I saying our final goodbye to Chantal. Once Leigh & I got back upstairs to the other girls, we were all asked to come into Diane's office where we would be given a new task. Diane & Stefani explained how our new task would take place in Boston & we would be setting up/running a sample sale. We also had to do all the promo for the sale. We were given 2 Fiat's covered in DVF print to help us get around Boston & spread the work about the sale. Cat & I were paired together to promote the sample sale. We were able to put our differences/opinions behind us & just focus on the job. The second day we were in Boston was the sample sale. We had no idea how much work we actually had to do. There was literally a million boxes to unpack & organize. We were able to get it done & make Stefani pleased before customers started coming in. In the beginning of the sale I seemed to be more focused on cleaning & organizing, rather than making sales. Stefani gave me a little pep talk & motivated me to be more aggressive. As soon as I got confident & stepped out of my shell, I started making sales & helping a lot of customers. Once we were back in NYC, Diane sent us to the New Yorkers For Kids charity event to see how we carry ourselves & represent the brand. Overall, I really enjoyed the charity. Leigh & I won this amazing basket full of Dior beauty products. The following day, Diane has us all in her office to go over how we did & to discuss why we felt we should be the brand ambassador. Stefani told me how she really respected me, especially because I never used anything I was personally going through as an excuse with work. Diane asked to see Leigh privately in her car before the Time's 100 event. Diane ended up saying good bye to Leigh. I was really upset to see Leigh go since we had become so close in the program. When saying goodbye I let her know how thankful I was for our friendship & that she really helped me get through a tough time in my life. Leigh & I will always be friends, & I can't wait to see what she does next! I know she will make a name for herself in the fashion industry, she is such a talented girl. Be sure to tune in next week for another brand new episode of House of DVF! 

x Hanna Beth

Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Trip To The Broad

Yesterday my boyfriend & I went to The Broad museum downtown. The museum was beautiful. The architecture of the building was art itself. It was amazing to see all of my favorite artists under one roof. They had work from Basquiat, Keith Haring, Warhol & more.. If you live in the Los Angeles area & are a fan of pop are like myself, I highly suggest you go. Being surrounded by such monumental pieces of art is so inspiring. Click the "read more" link below to see more photos from my trip to the museum.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Betty Boop Halloween

Can't wait for Halloween to be here! Thanks to Betty Boop, I am getting into the Halloween spirit with my new tee! You can purchase one as well by clicking HERE for only 5 dollars! They are exclusive to Walmart. I love the stripe sleeves under the orange tee. Click "read more" below to see more photos of this look. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Halloween Inspo

Halloween is just around the corner, so I wanted to do a shoot to give you guys some costume inspiration! J Valentine makes the BEST costumes for Halloween.. They literally have everything! I picked my favorites which included a few disney characters, a tiger & a cat. My friend Ian Passmore shot the looks for me on Melrose & my makeup was done by Tasha Focarelli. To see all the looks click the "read more" link below!

To shop these costumes & more click HERE

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

House of DVF - Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 of House of DVF was full of tears, drama & girl fights. In the beginning of the episode you got to hear about my breakup & how he bashed me publicly. Jessica brought it to Diane's attention when they saw it in a tabloid. Just to be clear, this was over 9 months ago & I am currently in a very happy/healthy relationship. The next day at work, after we had discussed our next project with Diane, Cat confronted me about tabloid & I freak out. The reason why I got up from the table & started cursing was because I had made it VERY clear that I did not want to discuss the incident on the show & that they had made me talk enough about my breakup. But of course, the producers didn't care about my request/feelings. Diane asked me to have a 1 on 1 with her at the Freedom Tower. This was the first time I got to connect with Diane & show her another side of me. She gave me amazing advice & made me feel a lot better. I was so nervous that she was going to give me the boot! It was a relief when the meeting was only positive & to help me grow. Leigh & I became very close in the House of DVF program. Everyday after work we would go to one of our rooms, order room service & chat for hours. I don't think the other girls were fond of our friendship & it really bothered me when Cat told Leigh that she was obsessed with me. Leigh was really there for me when I was going through a hard time & that's why she got upset when it was brought up. Leigh knew I didn't want to discuss this & that it hurt me for production to do it behind my back when I had asked them not to. Just because you have a close friendship with someone it doesn't mean you are obsessed with them.  In the second half of the episode we start shooting our looks for the travel project. While shooting my look I struggled with my outfit choice since it was 5 sizes too big! I was able to make it work & the photo turned out really nice. At the final location, after Chantal had got her photo, we all sat down & the drama just poured onto the table. I confronted Cat about her comments to Leigh. She told me how she thinks I am a bad influence because I am "dark" & "edgy". She then went on about Leigh & our friendship. First off, just because I have tattoo's it doesn't mean I am goth or "dark". Tons of people have tattoo's & it's wrong to assume someone is a certain way because of them. Secondly, don't put people down because of their age or their opinions. If someone feels a certain way than let them feel it! It's not your opinion & there is no reason for it to affect you. At the end of the group talk I say "some of us won't get along & we just have to be ok with that." The episode ends with us getting to see our designs for the first time, showing our travel photos & saying goodbye to Chantal. Tune in this Sunday for another NEW episode! 10:00 on E!

x Hanna Beth