Saturday, January 10, 2015

"don't believe me just watch"

Wow.. I have seriously been on the go lately. This week I shot some new looks for social media with my friend Kent & my friend Tyler.. I flew to San Francisco to shoot with Dolls Kill Wednesday & Thursday.. AND yesterday I shot for Mali Sabatasso jewelry in Malibu. I am exhausted to say the least.. Longing for a lazy day in where I can just wear flannel pajamas, watch movies & order a pizza. Ha! Today I am gonna to be getting all my errands done that I wasn't able to get done this week.. I have a fitting for the Golden Globes parties & tonight I am throwing a little dinner party with some of my close friends. Tomorrow is the Golden Globes & I am so excited to hit all the parties!

Check Out Some Of My Photo's From This Week!

Jacket, Bag & Sandals from O'Mighty Weekend

Dress By Ragged Priest 

Dress By Flynn Skye & Hat By ADEEN 

Jumpsuit By Flynn Skye & Jacket By H&M

Jumpsuit By Motel Rocks Available At Echo Club House

Here are some behind the scene photos from Dolls Kill!! 


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  1. You're soooo gorgeous! Love your style!

    Xoxo <3

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