Friday, January 16, 2015

There is always tomorrow

You never know what tomorrow will bring. Your whole life can change in 24 hours. So far the beginning of this year has been a learning experience. I am learning about my own feelings, my faults & who I truly am. As I get older, I am realizing what's important to me in life & what I want to put my energy towards. Life is so short, I am done wasting my energy & time on anything that brings me down. I don't need people around who thrive on negativity & who live their lives with emptiness. 2015 is all about change & growing. It's time to take charge & make the most of my life… Anyways.. I just got back home from meeting with Valley City & checking out some samples of my first collection with them. I am so excited with how it's turning out. The pastel rainbow glitter scarf reminds me of a dinosaur rave & I love it.. ha ha! The collection will be available soon..

Here are a few of my favorite looks I shot for Dolls Kill .. everything is available on their site now!


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