Monday, April 20, 2015

Bi-Polar Weather Disorder

Waking up to the rain always makes me happy. The weather in NYC is so unpredictable. On Saturday I was in a sheer dress soaking up the sun, on Sunday the sun was out but the wind made it cold & today it's raining.. ha! Even with all the weather changes, I still had an amazing weekend. I didn't have to work too much, so I got to hang with friends & get all my errands done. On Friday my babe Leigh & I went shopping around the city, then at night I met a friend for dinner at Catch. Saturday I kept it mellow, had a few hours of work during the day, then at night ordered room service & took a bubble bath. Yesterday Leigh & I went to Catch for brunch. We ordered the waffle tower… it was intense! At night I met with my grandparents & my bro Marlon for dinner. I love getting to hang with family & catch up.

First Look:
Vegan Leather Pants - Frankie B
Jacket - Zara
Top - Brandy Melville 
Bag - Balenciaga 
Sunglasses - Celine 
Glitter Boots - Zara

Second Look:
Beanie - Luxury Jones
Top - Brandy Melville
Leopard Pants - Motel Rocks 


  1. Awesome pics, you're pretty ;)

  2. I love your blog, especially now that you write more . Your writing is cute