Thursday, June 25, 2015

When The Chaos Is Asleep

With no sleep & heavy eyes, she heads to the airport to make an early flight. The sun is still down & the streets are quiet. Blinded by the airport lighting, she struggles to pull it together. Downing cups of cheap coffee to stay awake.. She stares out the giant windows as the sun starts to rise. The sky looks like a melted water color painting, full of pastel colors shadowed by faint clouds. The sound of scattered conversation fills the room. New York is more peaceful in the morning.. The chaos is still asleep.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


The world froze. Everything stood still for just a moment. As they lay under the Arizona stars, shirts damp from the fresh cut grass, they were silent. The moon light reflected off the lake & made the whole city glow. They listened to their favorite tunes, no one speaking a word. The silence between the two says it all. Real emotions shown through your eyes. This is you, this is me. There is no wall up for them to hide behind, they are exposed. In this moment they are vulnerable, they feel it all. Just hold me close, I wish this moment would last forever. Nothing else matters because they are living in the now, letting all other thoughts go. She takes a deep breath & rests her head on his chest.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Skull Cashmere 2015

The shoot I did for Skull Cashmere Fall/Winter 2015 is finally out! The images turned out great. I did the shoot a few months ago while I was in NYC. Sorry for my lack of updates. I am currently on Vans Warped Tour & don't have too many wifi opportunities. Be sure to follow my other social media for more current updates.

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Warped Tour has been amazing so far. We started in Pomona, CA. Today we have a day off in Arizona. It's a million degrees but we have a jacuzzi next to the bed in the hotel & that definitely makes up for it. Tomorrow I have to leave the tour for two days & head to NYC. I will only be missing the Arizona & New Mexico date, then I will join the tour again in Oklahoma City. Thank you to everyone who has come out & shown Sober is Sexy some love.. it means the world to us! Click below to see more photos from my Skull Cashmere shoot..

Thursday, June 18, 2015

All packed & ready to go. Tomorrow is the first day of Vans Warped Tour! I am so excited to have Sober is Sexy be apart of the tour. We are doing all the dates, so be sure to come say hello! Today I shot some promo pictures for my collaboration with Happiness. Can't wait to launch the pieces! Lot's of big things happening this summer.. I just celebrated one month with my man.. I feel so lucky to have someone so amazing be apart of my life. The love I feel for him can't even be described. It's the kinda love you think only exists in fairytales. It's the kind of love you get a high from. It's love that makes your whole body tingle & heart race. It's love that gets stronger with every minute that goes by.. I never believed in soul mates but there is no other way to describe what we have.. We were destined to be together. The universe has allowed us to create a bond so strong that nothing can tear it apart. I feel so lucky. As I sit here on my laptop, watching Factory Girl & waiting for my man to be home.. I smile. I smile because life couldn't get any better… Well.. Summer… I am ready for you. Bring on the heat & cut off shorts.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Little Red Cabin

Little cabin by the lake covered in redwood & vintage memories of ones past. Every room has a story to tell. The water glistens as the sun beats down it's heavy rays. The days are endless. You feel free. I got to spend a lovely two days by the lake in Minnesota with my man while we filmed his new music video for the song "my favorite shirt is my skin". Check out a few behind the scene photos my man took of me while shooting. Can't wait to see the final cut.. It's gonna be magical.


One month.. 4 weeks.. 31 days.. this has been one of the best months of my entire life. I have fallen deeply into a love that I didn't know existed. It's hard to put into words everything that I am feeling. The feelings I have are nothing I have experienced before. It's a happiness that I have never have felt. I am so overwhelmed with happiness that sometimes it seems like a dream… and I never want to wake up. You have changed my life in more ways than you will probably ever know. You have given me back my light that had been taken away for so many years. I am able to enjoy life & wear a smile again.  Every minute, of everyday, I love you more & more. We must be doing something right because the universe couldn't have put together a better pair.

x Hanna Beth

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I lay awake in this sleepless haze, the darkness as my background. Watching the clock move forward as my mind is flooded with thoughts of the week to come. Naked with hopes of pure intentions in a sick sad world. You hope for truth that isn't buried under the lies of the past. You wish for the comfort of a dream reality as your eyes get heavy. Day by day you go, wondering about change and if these motives of the morning are pure. Is this my life or just another scam? They always get you. Strapped into your life vest diving straight into the now, the moment. She lays awake.. Wondering.. Watching.. Waiting. The truth is the action behind the pit of bottomless words. Don't drown. Her dead eyes are lifted with sweet coffee & fresh air. Her mind blinded by the early morning radio. Drive on baby, drive on.
x Hanna Beth

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Power of Silence

In life we will all be faced with comments or actions we don't agree with. It may be someone bullying you, lying about you or just hating for no reason. Over the years I have had my fair share of negativity. When I was younger, I would always want to fight back & tell them off. As I get older I realize the best reaction is NO reaction. If people are putting you down, they want you to react. Silence is the best comeback. Don't let them get the satisfactory of you reacting to them.. Just simply ignore & go on with your day. You don't need to sink to someones level in order to get even. It's all about being confident with who you are & using others negativity as fuel in your life. If people want to hate & makeup bullshit about me, fine! I will use it as motivation to work even harder and rise above. It's all about moving forward.. don't let anyone hold you back. Accept the love around you because we all deserve it. 

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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Waiting Room

Up early to get a quick start on her day. No time is wasted under the sun. Her hypochondriac thoughts are eased by the doctors of Beverly Hills with offices shadowed by palm trees. They tell her she worries too much, she's an over thinker. She's fine, but her mind is eased with doctors confirmation. Born with a fear for illness, everyone is different.. This is where her anxiety lays. A perfectionist for a clean bill of health. She waits in the waiting room, feeling judged by the older women in work attire. Waiting… Always waiting..

x Hanna Beth

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Be Weird. Stay Happy. Fall in Love.

What a week this has been.. Sorry about my site being down.. I had some technical issues but it's all groovy now! Since I haven't been able to update, I feel the need to fill you in & give you a brief recap of my last week. Have you ever just woke up & actually felt happy? You have a rush of energy & all you can do is smile. I have never been a morning person.. EVER.. but recently I love waking up. My life is in such a positive place right now that I actually enjoy waking up & starting my day. It's amazing how much can change in a year. I remember last summer I started to isolate & fell into a bit of a depression. I had a lot going on in my life & felt trapped. Waking up anxious, distracting my mind from reality, I just wanted to disappear. Now, it is the complete opposite. I have been through a lot of ups & downs, but to get to a place with such contentment makes it all worth it. Anyways.. On Saturday I did a quick work trip to NYC.. flew home Monday morning. My favorite part of my trip was getting to do dinner with my brother Marlon & best friend Ivey. I love them both dearly, so anytime I get to spend with them I truly cherish. This week has just been filled with meetings, errands & having fun. I haven't been able to just tune out in awhile & not think about work.. I needed it. Life is all about the adventure.. just make sure the roads you choose lead you to happiness.. There will always be a few bumps in life, nothing is perfect.. But with time we gain knowledge on how to get through anything..

Dinner at Pace on Laurel Canyon