Thursday, June 4, 2015

Be Weird. Stay Happy. Fall in Love.

What a week this has been.. Sorry about my site being down.. I had some technical issues but it's all groovy now! Since I haven't been able to update, I feel the need to fill you in & give you a brief recap of my last week. Have you ever just woke up & actually felt happy? You have a rush of energy & all you can do is smile. I have never been a morning person.. EVER.. but recently I love waking up. My life is in such a positive place right now that I actually enjoy waking up & starting my day. It's amazing how much can change in a year. I remember last summer I started to isolate & fell into a bit of a depression. I had a lot going on in my life & felt trapped. Waking up anxious, distracting my mind from reality, I just wanted to disappear. Now, it is the complete opposite. I have been through a lot of ups & downs, but to get to a place with such contentment makes it all worth it. Anyways.. On Saturday I did a quick work trip to NYC.. flew home Monday morning. My favorite part of my trip was getting to do dinner with my brother Marlon & best friend Ivey. I love them both dearly, so anytime I get to spend with them I truly cherish. This week has just been filled with meetings, errands & having fun. I haven't been able to just tune out in awhile & not think about work.. I needed it. Life is all about the adventure.. just make sure the roads you choose lead you to happiness.. There will always be a few bumps in life, nothing is perfect.. But with time we gain knowledge on how to get through anything..

Dinner at Pace on Laurel Canyon

Smile baby. Let me take your photo.

 Painting with D.

 Get inspired & create. 

I wish I could play.. But for now I can pose. 

 When your dreams become reality. 

Never tried navy… Glad I did. 
x Hanna Beth

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