Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I lay awake in this sleepless haze, the darkness as my background. Watching the clock move forward as my mind is flooded with thoughts of the week to come. Naked with hopes of pure intentions in a sick sad world. You hope for truth that isn't buried under the lies of the past. You wish for the comfort of a dream reality as your eyes get heavy. Day by day you go, wondering about change and if these motives of the morning are pure. Is this my life or just another scam? They always get you. Strapped into your life vest diving straight into the now, the moment. She lays awake.. Wondering.. Watching.. Waiting. The truth is the action behind the pit of bottomless words. Don't drown. Her dead eyes are lifted with sweet coffee & fresh air. Her mind blinded by the early morning radio. Drive on baby, drive on.
x Hanna Beth

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