Friday, June 5, 2015

The Waiting Room

Up early to get a quick start on her day. No time is wasted under the sun. Her hypochondriac thoughts are eased by the doctors of Beverly Hills with offices shadowed by palm trees. They tell her she worries too much, she's an over thinker. She's fine, but her mind is eased with doctors confirmation. Born with a fear for illness, everyone is different.. This is where her anxiety lays. A perfectionist for a clean bill of health. She waits in the waiting room, feeling judged by the older women in work attire. Waiting… Always waiting..

x Hanna Beth


  1. This post is me. I panic over the littlest of signs, over-think, stress myself out and the doctor confirms there's nothing wrong, or if anything, something only minor that will go away. Just wish it was easier, and not feel the need to be so paranoid.
    Glad to hear you're okay though, :)

  2. The writing in this is beautiful. More like this please.

  3. Love this post, honest but beautiful. Totally relate. Xx

  4. I would like to read more like this.