Tuesday, June 16, 2015


One month.. 4 weeks.. 31 days.. this has been one of the best months of my entire life. I have fallen deeply into a love that I didn't know existed. It's hard to put into words everything that I am feeling. The feelings I have are nothing I have experienced before. It's a happiness that I have never have felt. I am so overwhelmed with happiness that sometimes it seems like a dream… and I never want to wake up. You have changed my life in more ways than you will probably ever know. You have given me back my light that had been taken away for so many years. I am able to enjoy life & wear a smile again.  Every minute, of everyday, I love you more & more. We must be doing something right because the universe couldn't have put together a better pair.

x Hanna Beth


  1. This sounds familiar. You seem to always fall hard and fast.... you know the saying... the brighter the fire burns, the faster it dies...

    Happy for you
    but be careful...

  2. They know each other for years. So I think there's nothing to be worried about. Glad to know she's happy and they are having wonderful time together. Be happy, Hanna ^^

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  5. Love is beautiful, and I'm so happy for you Hanna! xo