Thursday, June 25, 2015

When The Chaos Is Asleep

With no sleep & heavy eyes, she heads to the airport to make an early flight. The sun is still down & the streets are quiet. Blinded by the airport lighting, she struggles to pull it together. Downing cups of cheap coffee to stay awake.. She stares out the giant windows as the sun starts to rise. The sky looks like a melted water color painting, full of pastel colors shadowed by faint clouds. The sound of scattered conversation fills the room. New York is more peaceful in the morning.. The chaos is still asleep.

Photographer - Nikko La Mere 
Rings - David Yurman 

x Hanna Beth


  1. love you Hanna! you're the most beautiful woman i've ever seen ♥

  2. I am consistnetly reading your ENTIRE blog at the moment. I adored you in middle school you are such a great model and person. I am nOw 24 and I am loving the honesty and rock n roll lifestyle and your intricate and personal take on sobriety. loving the fashion, I always have and I think I always will.
    Xoxo April