Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Greetings From Milwaukee

Hello cyber world.. i am checking in from Milwaukee Warped Tour today.. Found some decent wifi & I figured that deserved a blog post.. Earlier today my boyfriend convinced me to jump into the lake.. I was all dolled up & ready for the day.. But sometimes you have to say fuck it & just do it! I'm happy I did.. it was liberating. I'm including a bunch of photos so far from the tour since my posting hasn't been as consistent as it normally is.. Only two more weeks & we'll be back in sunny LA.. Already have a few shoots booked for when i'm home & lots of work to get done.. I feel like i'm a teen again & on summer vacation.. I needed this break from reality.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Tan Lines & Snow Cones

Hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Sorry I have been so m.i.a. on my blog! I am on Vans Warped Tour till August 8th & the search for wifi has been a struggle. I am always updating my other social media accounts, so be sure to follow me through those to see what I'm up to! This summer has been incredible so far. Thank you to everyone who has come out & supported Sober is Sexy. I am currently working on a book which I hope to have finished & on pre-sale by early September or October. I'm letting myself be fully exposed for this book in hope of helping people around the world who have been through similar struggles & are wanting inspiration. I will be sharing parts of my life that I never have before & letting you know me on a more personal level. I am also saying good-bye to my hollywood hideaway & moving into the ultimate rock n' roll dream house with my boyfriend at the end of August. Life is amazing… and it just keeps getting better.

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