Monday, September 21, 2015

House of DVF - Update Episode Two

Last night was full of drama, tears, a trip to Paris & an exciting new project. The episode started with us Los Angeles babes arriving to NYC to start the program & meet the other candidates. When we first got to the office we got to learn about the brand & what we have to look forward to if we become the next brand ambassador. Our first assignment was to create a magazine page layout that represented us as well as the DVF woman. While working on our projects I got a little emotional & decided to open up to the girls. It's hard going through anything in life, especially when you are newly sober, but having their support & love meant the world to me. I was a little surprised at Cat's comment about me getting upset when Jessica was chatting with us the next day. OK.. maybe I am a bit sensitive, but it's not like we were in a work meeting & Jessica wants to know us on a personal level. Back to the project.. I am not the most crafty girl & I think it showed with my project. Leopard print, lollipops.. I went all out.. One of the scenes you didn't get to see was when I presented my board Michael grabbed a lollipop off it & ate it.. It was classic. I said it was an interactive piece.. ha ha! Wish they had kept that in. I also said my board was like if pee wee's playhouse was a magazine.. Anyways.. Diane picked Leigh & Cat to go to Paris.. I was actually not mad about staying behind because I was excited to learn about the design project & start work with Michael. Maytee, Chantal & I went to an amazing vintage shop to gather inspiration. I didn't really get inspired for my piece but I did fall in love with the leopard hat I was wearing & tried to make them sell it to me.. they didn't. I had fun live tweeting with all of you east coasters last night! be sure to tune in next Sunday for another brand new episode..

Get Last Night's Look:

Leather Leggings - J Brand
Tee - Alexander Wang 
Boots - H&M
Hat - Lack of Colour 
Backpack - Balenciaga 

x Hanna Beth

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