Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You don't appreciate having a car until you are carless in Los Angeles & getting around with the many weirdos of Uber. I swear I always get the weirdest Uber drivers. They always have a broken radio, want to tell me their life story & drive like a grandma. About a week ago while I was sleeping, someone smashed into my car. I'm guessing it was a drunk driver because it happened early in the morning & they obviously didn't leave a note. They hit my car so hard that it actually moved & the other side got all messed up from hitting the curb. The axel broke & my front two tires completely came off. Supposed to get my car back today, so fingers crossed! Hoping the damage wasn't too severe. My sleep schedule has decided to take on a whole new schedule.. I usually sleep in till around 8 or 9… but for some reason I can't stop waking up at 6… the sun isn't even up at 6! I don't know why my body feels the need to be up this early but I must say, I do get a lot done in the morning. Have a busy day ahead. Meeting with a lawyer at 11:00, stop by bank, laser hair removal 4:00 & a photo shoot at 6:30.. I'm excited for my shoot tonight! The theme is seventies boho glam.. Jumpsuits & glitter boots.. yes please!

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Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit - Motel
Bomber Jacket - Wildfox 
Beanie - Luxury Jones
Platforms - Report Signature 

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x Hanna Beth

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