Tuesday, October 13, 2015

House of DVF - Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 of House of DVF was full of tears, drama & girl fights. In the beginning of the episode you got to hear about my breakup & how he bashed me publicly. Jessica brought it to Diane's attention when they saw it in a tabloid. Just to be clear, this was over 9 months ago & I am currently in a very happy/healthy relationship. The next day at work, after we had discussed our next project with Diane, Cat confronted me about tabloid & I freak out. The reason why I got up from the table & started cursing was because I had made it VERY clear that I did not want to discuss the incident on the show & that they had made me talk enough about my breakup. But of course, the producers didn't care about my request/feelings. Diane asked me to have a 1 on 1 with her at the Freedom Tower. This was the first time I got to connect with Diane & show her another side of me. She gave me amazing advice & made me feel a lot better. I was so nervous that she was going to give me the boot! It was a relief when the meeting was only positive & to help me grow. Leigh & I became very close in the House of DVF program. Everyday after work we would go to one of our rooms, order room service & chat for hours. I don't think the other girls were fond of our friendship & it really bothered me when Cat told Leigh that she was obsessed with me. Leigh was really there for me when I was going through a hard time & that's why she got upset when it was brought up. Leigh knew I didn't want to discuss this & that it hurt me for production to do it behind my back when I had asked them not to. Just because you have a close friendship with someone it doesn't mean you are obsessed with them.  In the second half of the episode we start shooting our looks for the travel project. While shooting my look I struggled with my outfit choice since it was 5 sizes too big! I was able to make it work & the photo turned out really nice. At the final location, after Chantal had got her photo, we all sat down & the drama just poured onto the table. I confronted Cat about her comments to Leigh. She told me how she thinks I am a bad influence because I am "dark" & "edgy". She then went on about Leigh & our friendship. First off, just because I have tattoo's it doesn't mean I am goth or "dark". Tons of people have tattoo's & it's wrong to assume someone is a certain way because of them. Secondly, don't put people down because of their age or their opinions. If someone feels a certain way than let them feel it! It's not your opinion & there is no reason for it to affect you. At the end of the group talk I say "some of us won't get along & we just have to be ok with that." The episode ends with us getting to see our designs for the first time, showing our travel photos & saying goodbye to Chantal. Tune in this Sunday for another NEW episode! 10:00 on E!

x Hanna Beth


  1. What is the nude lip color you are wearing this episode? It's gorgeous. I'm obsessed.

  2. Just watched this episode. I love this show! :) <3