Thursday, October 29, 2015

House of DVF - Episode 7 Recap

We are now down to the final three, Alli, Cat & I. In this episode we are given the task to help dress some of the VIP's coming to the DVF awards. Alli & I end up getting stuck in an elevator while we are trying to set up. I completely lose it in the elevator. I become very shaken up & have a hard time letting go of it once we are released. For the first bit of the VIP dressing I am a complete space cadet. I also didn't want to overwhelm the people coming to get dressed. If it's just one client, do you really think she wants three girls bombarding her? Those situations make me feel awkward. I kept my space, but as a result Jessica pulled me aside & gave me some advice. She told me I need to be more aggressive & to really come out of my shell.. She also mentioned that I seemed like I was on another planet.. ha! Anyways, the talk definitely helped & I feel like I did a better job once more VIP's started coming in. That night I got to have some mom time since my mom was visiting me in NYC. It always makes me feel better when I get to hang with my mom because she always has the best advice for me. We decided to spend our night at a tattoo shop where my mom got a little cross on her arm. At the DVF awards we were all given tasks & my task was to interview some of the honoree's & guests. This was really my time to step out of my shell & show the DVF team what I was capable of. Jessica said I did an amazing job with my interviews.. even with my last minute Naomi Campbell one! I was definitely nervous because I didn't know I was going to get to interview her, but I remained calm & handled it like a professional. Once the show began I was given an assignment to take photos for the DVF social media. Overall, the DVF awards was a very good night for me & I was able to show the team that I can shine in those situations. The next day at work the team sat us down & made us talk about why we would be a better brand ambassador than the other girls. Obviously, this was awkward. We don't want to put each other down, but we also really want the job. We are still down to the final three & in the next episode the brand ambassador will be revealed. I still can't believe the season is already coming to an end, it went by so fast! Be sure to tune into the season finale to see what happens next & who will be the next DVF ambassador.

x Hanna Beth


  1. I was watching this episode in Thailand just now and accidentally saw DVF posting your pic on their IG naming you their new Brand Ambassador! I actually rooting for your from the start! Really glad to see you wining this. I working at DVF Thailand. Hope to see you in the future :)
    Congrats again! xx