Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beauty Basics

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about my skin routine. I wanted to share my daily products & also a few of my favorite face masks. In the morning I start my beauty regime by washing my face with the Dr.Lancer blemish control cleanse. Then I use a collagen serum by Epicuren, followed by Origins under eye cream & the Epicuren face lotion. At night I start my regime with the Dr.Lancer Polish, followed by the Dr.Lancer blemish control cleanse. Next I use H10 serum from Dr.Lancer which helps reduce any pigmentation. Lastly, I put on Epiduo cream to help clear & prevent breakouts. If I have a bad cystic pimple I will use the Lancer Gel by Epicuren just on the pimple. My top three favorite face masks are GlamGlow super clearing mud mask, Lanocrème bee venom mask & the Peter Thomas Roth rose stem cell mask. I like using the GlamGlow if I am having a breakout or my skin is too oily. The bee venom is an amazing everyday mask, but I must warm you it burns! The bee venom is great for anti-aging & helping reduce pore size. The rose stem cell mask is great to use a few times a week. The mask is very refreshing & helps with redness or puffiness. It is another great anti-aging mask & it leaves your face glowing & feeling fresh. I included images + links to purchase all of the products below. Just click the "read more" link to see.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Euro Trip - Part Two

After two weeks of touring around Europe, we are finally home! Getting to travel around Europe was such a treat. The tour started in London, then went all over Germany & ended in Amsterdam. Out of all the places we visited, I must say Amsterdam was my favorite. Amsterdam is such an amazing city, it's the perfect mix of everything you need.. plus the food is delicious. There are so many highlights of this Europe adventure that it's hard to remember all of them.. From the fair in Hamburg, to hanging with Lemurs at the zoo… this will be a trip I never forget. Since we were away from home for almost a month because of the U.S. tour before Europe, it feels good to be back. There is nothing like falling asleep in your own bed. I'm very proud of my boyfriend. He seriously killed it at every show & had such an engaging audience. Check out all these photo's from our Euro trip taken by Dusty Kessler… just click on the "read more" link below.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Euro Trip

Hello my loves! I am sorry I haven't been updating as much as I usually do. Currently I am in Europe & charging my computer/finding wifi isn't always the easiest. Our Euro adventure started in one of my favorite cities, London. The first night we had an amazing dinner at Hawksmoore steak house, went to Abbey Road Studios & danced till 2 a.m. at some random club we found in East London. The next day was my boyfriends first show of the tour. The show was at the venue Borderline. The gig was absolutely fantastic! A couple even got engaged during soundcheck. Definitely a night we will never forget. Today we arrived in Munich, Germany. We are exhausted from the jet lag & are currently relaxing at our hotel. I am watching Home Improvement in German.. really wanting a pretzel.. ha ha! I will try to update more frequently + take lots of photos. If you live in Europe check out the Pink Lemonade tour dates & see if we are coming to a city near you! Click HERE to see my boyfriends tour dates.

Monday, November 2, 2015

House of DVF - Episode 8 Recap

Last night was the big finale of House of DVF season 2. I can't believe the season has already come to an end, but I look forward to my next journey with the DVF brand. On last nights episode we were presented with our final task, the luncheon. I took on the millennial/social media aspect of the lunch. I teamed up with my friend Christian Benner to show DVF someone who spoke to the millennial. I had Christian do a live painting at the lunch over a piece of DVF fabric & I also had him give his special touch to one of my DVF purses, sadly, that scene was cut, but I put a photo below! The bag turned out brilliant.. I was obsessed. Benner also let me use his store to shoot some young bloggers & musicians in styled DVF pieces. I was nervous about my presentation at the lunch because I hate public speaking, especially when I don't have something to read off & prepared. Stefani told me to be confident & to speak from my heart. Overall, the luncheon was a huge success for me, minus the bit of the photo being on perez that they had to take down. The following day, Diane has us meet her in her office so she could announce who the next brand ambassador would be. We were all waiting anxiously in her office as she got her final touches done for the met ball. Alli was the first to be let go.. As she talked about Cat, I felt like I had lost & that she was going to get picked. When Diane said she had decided to go with me I couldn't believe it, I was in shock. I felt like I was in a dream. Minutes after, Diane and I walked down to her car & we were off to the Met Ball.. I had just won brand ambassador & already I was on my way to a huge fashion event. I couldn't be more grateful for this experience & I can't wait to see where my next chapter with DVF takes me. Thank you to everyone who has shown me love & support during this experience.

x Hanna Beth