Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Beauty Basics

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about my skin routine. I wanted to share my daily products & also a few of my favorite face masks. In the morning I start my beauty regime by washing my face with the Dr.Lancer blemish control cleanse. Then I use a collagen serum by Epicuren, followed by Origins under eye cream & the Epicuren face lotion. At night I start my regime with the Dr.Lancer Polish, followed by the Dr.Lancer blemish control cleanse. Next I use H10 serum from Dr.Lancer which helps reduce any pigmentation. Lastly, I put on Epiduo cream to help clear & prevent breakouts. If I have a bad cystic pimple I will use the Lancer Gel by Epicuren just on the pimple. My top three favorite face masks are GlamGlow super clearing mud mask, Lanocrème bee venom mask & the Peter Thomas Roth rose stem cell mask. I like using the GlamGlow if I am having a breakout or my skin is too oily. The bee venom is an amazing everyday mask, but I must warm you it burns! The bee venom is great for anti-aging & helping reduce pore size. The rose stem cell mask is great to use a few times a week. The mask is very refreshing & helps with redness or puffiness. It is another great anti-aging mask & it leaves your face glowing & feeling fresh. I included images + links to purchase all of the products below. Just click the "read more" link to see.

2. Epidou Acne Cream - Prescription Only 

x Hanna Beth

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  1. can you post something like this but for your basic everyday makeup and/or favorite makeup products?