Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

As we say goodbye to another year, we are full of excitement for the next one to begin. We go into the new year full of high hopes & big dreams. Wanting every year to be better than the last. We use our past as motivation for our future. Tonight we celebrate a fresh start. Decked out in your favorite party attire, glitter melting from the ceiling, champagne glasses overflowing... while the room is flooded with balloons. The clock strikes midnight, you kiss someone you love & then dance into the morning sun. Tonight we are celebrating New Years Eve in Minnesota. I can't wait to celebrate with the man I love. I am going to wear this beautiful black dress by For Love & Lemons with a pair of Fendi pumps. It's about 15 degrees outside, so you can guarantee I am going to be freezing. I hope everyone has an amazing New Year's full of love, laughter, dancing, happiness & of course... glitter!

Click below to see more photo's from my New Years themed shoot!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy holidays to all my lovely followers! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas/Hanukkah full of love + happiness. I spent my holiday in Minnesota with my boyfriend & his family... I love it here. There is nothing like a snowy white Christmas. It's funny being back in Minnesota, feeling a bit nostalgic. When I was 16 I flew out to Minnesota to do extensions on a girl I had met through MySpace. I don't know why I was allowed to travel alone so young, but I am so thankful my parents let me. Being in Minnesota let me experience a certain type of childhood I was longing for & I finally felt excepted for who I was. I made a lot of friends while I was out here & even met my boyfriend at a house party... Isn't life crazy? It took 10 years for me to see that the man of my dreams had been in my life all along. Life always brought us together & kept us connected. I am a big believer of fate & I believe that life kept us in each others life for a reason... Everything is about timing. As I say goodbye to 2015, I am full of excitement for 2016. This year has been a big one for me. I won the show House of DVF, got the boyfriend of my dreams, wrote my first book & moved into a beautiful home. I feel my life heading in a very positive direction & I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Check out more photo's from my shoot for the Japanese lounge wear company Priv. Spoons Club by clicking below!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Long hair & a fresh face. Today I am wearing the jumpsuit my boyfriend and I designed for our brand u +me.. This is the sample.. but our brand will launch soon! I am so in love with all the pieces we have created & I hope you will be too. I paired the jumpsuit with a necklace by Zacasha. All of their jewelry is handmade in Bali.. super gorgeous pieces.

Photographer - ModSun

x Hanna Beth 

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Denim Darling

It's the weekend… which means lounging at the house in an oversized denim button down, walking around barefoot & enjoying the simplicity of Saturday. No worries of Monday, just embracing today. No over thinking. Roaming the canyon for an iced coffee. Lost in the hills. Everyone is friendly & says hello. Pink lips staining glass.. Dancing into the night stars.

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x Hanna Beth

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Words to live by..

Get lost. Go adventure. Be free. Say hello. Smile. Roll your window down. Play the music louder. Turn phone off. Acknowledge the now, not my screen. Show my love through action. Learn something new. Don't care what they think. Who the fuck is "they" anyway? Turn negatives to positives. Be selfless. Be kind. Do something for someone with no expectations in return. No ego. No ego. No ego. Come from love. Treat the morning like a brand new start. Kiss him, love him. Worry less. Don't be so hard on myself. Love my skin. Love my flaws. Stop obsessing, start living.

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