Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Well hello again.. I know I have been M.I.A on my blog, but i'm back! I've been putting more of my focus on my other social networks, including my new Youtube channel! If you want a more personal look into my life + some beauty tutorials, you should definitely check out my channel. Click HERE to visit my youtube channel & be sure to subscribe.

It's crazy to think summer is coming to an end & fall is in our near future. It's also crazy that this month I will be turning 28. I have been blogging & working in social media for over 10 years now! Can you believe that? I remember when I first started & I had no idea I would be able to have a career by doing what I love. I promise I will try to be more active on my blog, like I am with my other platforms. I'll also do some OOTD posts for you guys on here.. Hope everyone is having a good week & stay tuned!! 

x Hanna Beth

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  1. love the new photos! and i subscribed too :D

  2. I'm happy too see that you are posting again in your blog :* 10 years it's long time and i'm with U almost 9 years. WOW! :)
    Love U and be happy with this JOB <3

  3. i'm so glad you came back! ♥ i look forward to new post.

  4. Awesome!! Will you update us on dvf?

  5. it is well worth it to journey along with Hanna Beth! I've loved all of your modeling and media platforms since I was in middle school! I am thankful for your blog and YouTube channel! Instagram snapchat and Facebook are my favorites of yours too!

  6. I genuinely don't think that you can get free college homework help, at least not professional one. You need to pay for quality.

  7. I really need someone to talk to hanna... Looking at the book you wrote and interview with it I think you would understand. My name's Kristen. I've always loved the soberisexy line...i wasn't aware that it was your line. When i was probably 15 years old you hung out with my cousin Audrey a lot and i idolized her and totally wanted to be her hahaha i would die rather than admit that back then though ... Anyway, I had tried a few times to keep in touch with her but with my ins and outs of treatment centers and just dropping off the face of the earth we lost touch completely. Then tonight i saw you battled with addiction and i was like that's it.... I can talk to her. And i can't find anyway to buy a copy of your book 😭😭